Corporate Social Responsibility

Caring for our future.

Corporate social responsibility is deeply ingrained in our Firm’s values, as we believe in contributing to a better world.  Our commitment to social and environmental standards begins within our organisation.

We have implemented a series of policies aimed at creating a more sustainable, equitable, and inclusive workplace.  We encourage all employees to contribute to and uphold a culture of sustainability and equality, fostering an environment where everyone has the opportunity to advance and thrive.

To us, acting with ethics and integrity is always the right course of action. We believe that each of us plays a role in fulfilling our civic duty, as our actions should benefit society as a whole.

By conducting our work in a transparent and ethical manner, we ensure an approach that safeguards the long-term success of the triple bottom line: people, planet and profit. We firmly believe that organisations can generate profit while also caring for the planet and our people.

We strive to ensure that all our team members are compensated fairly and equitably, from the moment of hire through each milestone of their careers.  Our understanding of, and support for, mental health and wellness enhances our culture of equality and enables everyone to thrive.  If we identify a disparity affecting any of our employees, we take immediate action to rectify it.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion is crucial in building extraordinary teams. We seek individuals with exceptional talents, abilities and potential, and provide a collaborative, trusting environment where everyone can flourish.

We staunchly believe in fairness and equal access to opportunities, irrespective of gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, identity, age, body shape/size, religion, or beliefs.  Teams rich in cognitive diversity foster better decision-making and by extension, create a more vibrant community for everyone, including our clients and employees.

We are deeply committed to protecting the environment and minimising the footprint of our Firm's operations. We actively identify, measure, and offset the environmental impact of our activities, making sustainability an imperative for us all.

Given the escalating environmental challenges, we continually integrate sustainability into our overall Firm strategy, client communications and practices. This includes conscientious use of office supplies, mindful printing habits and protocols to reduce waste and promote recycling.

Our dedication to pro bono work and volunteering allows us to leverage our firm’s talent, knowledge, expertise and insights to address today's challenges in racial and social equity, economic development and environmental sustainability.

To tackle these issues, we collaborate with various non-profits and NGOs, reinforcing their efforts.  Adrian Li & Co., Solicitors will continue to encourage members of the Firm to actively participate in pro bono and community services, contributing to the well-being of our broader society.

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